Gut/Brain Axis Problems

~ 55 yo female with anxiety/brain fog

A year ago, I came to Dr. Merry with my five year struggle to gain back my brain. My body did not adjust well to menopause, I was besieged with adrenal fatigue, exhaustion and anxiety. With the support of a nutritionist, I was on an uphill climb but we both agreed that my brain was still not fully working. She recommended a chiropractic neurologist and after my first meeting with Dr. Merry, I knew I had a new partner on my health team. Her confidence, warmth and empathy along with her ability to decipher how the brain works and what she was seeing in my tests gave me the internal green light to dive into this treatment.

The key issues were that my short term memory was poor and any small upset created a huge emotional reaction – hard on me, my family and my work life.
Within three months of neurological stimulation and home exercises, I could see a significant difference – I was returning to my happier, relaxed self – able to handle stressful situations without being wiped out. My memory and confidence have been increasing steadily. And I love telling people who notice how much more resilient and sharp I am about Dr. Merry’s work and all the other nuggets of information that I have learned about the brain.

Dr. Merry loves her work and it shows! She is able to explain in understandable terms how the brain works and what the treatments are doing. Since I have always been an engaged client and wanted to be involved in my own healthcare as much as possible – I have so appreciated the time that Dr. Merry spends helping me unlock the mysteries of the brain. She is the most holistic practitioner I have every worked with. She is passionate about healthy foods, emotional well being, and shares readily anything that she has tried or learned.

The information and tools that I have gained are mine for life. I can now look forward to a big full future doing all that I love to do.

~ 41 year old female with digestive problems, bad migraines, join pain in fingers and toes

Before I went to see Dr. Merry I had been struggling with migraines, hormonal imbalance, increasing food intolerances, brain fog, fatigue, allergies, a constant watery eye, and inflammation that caused terrible pain in my shoulder, neck and head.

I had been seeing a chiropractor every 3 weeks for at least 25 years. His treatments helped, but lately they had actually been making me worse. I would be in more pain after a treatment than before. Acupuncture helped a bit, but if I ate the wrong thing, or did too much exercise, I’d be right back in pain.

After reading Dr. Datis Kharrazians book, Why Isn’t My Brain Working? I decided that I needed to find a Chiropractic Neurologist near me. Apparently it was meant to be, as I immediately found Dr. Merry literally 5 minutes from my doorstep!

When I met Dr. Merry I was excited because she was the first practitioner who ever said “I know exactly what is wrong with you.” She was enthusiastic, easy to talk to, and she had experienced some of my same issues, and had completely been healed!

After only a couple of treatments my level of pain and inflammation had decreased. I followed Dr. Merry’s treatment plan, and after the initial treatment phase was over, decided to continue on with treatment, as I could tell the difference after every single treatment. One of my assignments was to do Sudoku puzzles. Before a treatment, I could barely get through a level 3 puzzle. After a treatment, I could get through a level 5 with NO trouble. My brain worked!

After 4 months of treatment I started to introduce foods that had previously caused me severe inflammation back into my diet. I am thrilled to report that I am able to rotate in almost every food that I had cut out of my diet at this point and time (this is being written at my 9 month mark).

Dr. Merry has changed my life. I can go out to eat with friends and know that I’m not going to suffer for the next week because I ate something that I reacted to. I have the energy to run my kids to all of their activities, make dinner, and my brain even works well enough to help with homework now! I feel truly blessed to be able to be treated by Dr. Merry. I have no doubt in my mind that she is doing exactly what she was put on this planet to do.