Difficult Neurological Conditions

This is Lilla. She has cerebral palsy.

~ 45 year old female with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS

I was diagnosed with MS a few years ago. The condition mostly has affected my ability to walk. It was so difficult to walk up and down the stairs in my home that I would trip and fall a lot. I was really discouraged and started gained a lot of weight. I wanted to exercise, but not being able to walk really put a damper on that.

I met Dr. Merry in a supermarket in downtown Redmond. I was reluctant to try anything that wasn’t mainstream. But then I figured I had nothing to lose. She noticed that I had dozens of bruises on my body, which were from falling up and down the stairs. I was embarrassed to tell anyone about the bruises. I started treatment with her after she told me what was wrong in my brain. She made clear that perhaps this wouldn’t affect the MS at all. But, within 1 month I was able to walk up and down the stairs again. I went into complete remission. My MD said it had nothing to do with these new treatments with Dr. Merry, but I know myself better than that. I began to exercise again with my daughter and felt like I got my life back. I have also been losing a lot of weight. Actually, I’ve lost so much weight that I can now shop for clothes without having to go to the specialty shops for large women. My daughter and I can shop in the same stores and we are both delighted. I had no idea that my brain and spine could affect my life so much for the better. Thank you.

A local doctor flew one of his dear friends, a director of an orphanage in Columbia, to come and see me earlier this year, 2015. She complained of neck pain, tongue biting on her left side, vertigo since a motor vehicle accident 2 years prior, acid reflux, constipation, and aphonia (not being able to speak for a week or so at times). I only saw her one time. I received this email last week, Oct, 2015. She is a 44 year old female.

I was asked by our friend to convey to you her warm greetings from Barranquilla, Colombia and to tell you that since she left your practice and subsequently Dr. David Engstrom’s practice, and up to date, she is completely pain free and stopped taking painkillers. She followed all your guidelines and Dr. Engstrom’s suggestions that complemented each other, religiously, and healing manifested instantly.

She asked me to tell you and Dr. Engstrom, that you both literally recovered her life for her. She can now work and volunteer with our orphanage there with no physical limitations again. She is very happy and very thankful. You and Dr. Engstrom are now quite famous in Barranquilla, as she is talking about you both amazing professionals to all her friends and family members there!

Best regards and many blessings

~ Dr. G.O.

~ 61 year old female with dystonia

There are times when an amazing gift comes into our life, and Dr. Merry is one of those gifts! In my quest to find help with the discomfort and progression of a head tilt (dystonia), I have been troubled with for decades, I came upon the profession of chiropractic neurology, and Dr. Merry Harris. I am so grateful to have found a doctor with such knowledge, skill, wisdom, and professionalism, who isn’t afraid to pair those qualities with warmth, caring and humor. I am really excited to be working with her in the safe and nurturing environment she creates, and to have been experiencing improvements right from the beginning.

I know this healing process is by no means a short road. However, Dr. Merry has not only made a huge difference, already, in my physical body, but, has also opened up a sense of hope and vision I have never had. My husband and I travel to see her from 1.5 hours away. Although I have only been to see her twice, the benefits of her work are so incredibly far reaching, not only in the structure and functioning of the body, but in giving us the ability to have a balanced and highly functioning brain that allows us to experience enthusiasm, contentment, and joy. Thank you, Dr. Merry, for providing the chance to live life in a “new and improved” way!!

~ person with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome

I have struggled with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome for years. I also sleep with a machine because I have sleep apnea. Dr. Merry has been talking to me for years about her specialty. I thought, “Great, another doctor who thinks they could help me.” Even though I’ve had beneficial chiropractic care for years, the difference was noticeable. After the first treatment I had so much more energy! It was the first time in years I was able to watch a movie with my children without falling asleep. I also slept much better for longer periods. I feel much better overall and am so excited to see how my life can change, especially the relationship with my family.

~ 48 year old male with multiple strokes and Bells Palsy

Dr. Merry has treated me for several months. I have suffered multiple strokes and Bell’s palsy. I have also suffered through low back pain off and on for over 20 years. I have been worried about the health of my brain for some time, but after my initial exam, I was relieved to find that I only had a very slight residual of the palsy, and that my brain was very healthy! I also have suffered with a general numbness of my skin and a dulled sense of smell. Through Dr. Merry’s holistic approach of chiropractic adjustments, brain exercises, and her recommendation of a healthier diet, etc., the numbness has been going away and I have a super sense of smell! Plus, my back has never felt better. I really feel like I’m being treated by someone who really cares about me and is passionate about what she does. I’ve also referred other people to her and she was able to find and get rid of the early stages of Parkinson’s on my mom and her night terrors; and help with a frozen shoulder in a friend of mine. If you’ve been to several doctors who can’t figure out what’s wrong with you – no matter what it is – call Dr. Merry. You won’t regret it!