Concussion and Dementia

People don’t normally think of going to a chiropractor after having a concussion or if diagnosed with dementia. Having a functional neurology degree allows me to be able to address these issues very specifically. In my practice, I treat a variety of conditions in people of all ages. I have not had the opportunity to treat many people with concussion or dementia yet.

As of August, 2016, I have treated two people with dementia and five children with concussion within a month of the injury. Although neither of my clients with dementia wrote a testimonial for me, both of them (one 88 yo male and the other a 58 yo female) had improved signs and symptoms by approximately 30% within six weeks of care. Current modern medical protocol for concussion is to not treat or do anything for up to a month post injury. A concussion is a brain injury. Many cells die during the initial injury, but there are also many other cells that are still alive, but weakened and very fragile. The reason current protocol cautions to avoid any treatment is because it is important to not injure the cells that are fragile. Truly, in this state, some patients cannot even tolerate light.

In my professional opinion, this month is a month of precious time wasted. There are ways to very gently discover some of the pathways that have been damaged. It is critical to not exceed the metabolic rate of the cell (excite it too much when it is weak and cause it to die). This is the most important thing I learned in the Diplomate training. “Don’t exceed the metabolic rate of the neuron.” This is why I examine and treat as soon as possible after concussion. The four other patients besides my son all had completely resolved neurological conditions within a month of treatment. Keep an eye out for their testimonials. I would love to examine more people post-concussion.

~ My son, a 14 year old male with concussion
Christian smilingA unique thing happened to us about 6 weeks ago. My 14 year old son went over the handlebars of his bicycle and had a concussion. I have had the opportunity to treat 3 boys with concussion within the last year. The symptoms of all 3 of these boys resolved completely within 6 weeks of treatment. However, being on the sidewalk with the medics with my own son was quite a frightening experience, and allows me to have more empathy for my clients.

A week before his accident, I examined him in the office. So, I knew exactly what his normal performance was like neurologically. After getting home from the ER, I used an optokinetic tape to watch his eye movements. His normal eye motion was down by 70%! The visible inflammation in his case lasted for 20 days. I was not able to manually adjust his spine during this time. However, there were many other therapies we did use to gently stimulate the weakened and damaged pathways in order to not cause further injury.
~ Dr. Merry

~ mother of 10 year old male with concussion

Dr. Merry does great work! My 10 year old son hit his hip and head on a metal pole while playing tag at school. He kept getting dizzy spells which resulted in nausea. I took him to Dr. Merry to have him checked out. He had knocked out a neuropathway and needed several body parts adjusted. (hip, rib and neck) After doing what she does to help reconnect the pathway, she worked on his body. After the neck adjustment which was the last son said he felt back to normal! No fuzziness or heavy head feeling. He was convinced he would be fine and not be dizzy again and that Dr. Merry is a miracle worker! Today he had a successful day at school and is indeed back to normal! This is with one visit! Who knows how long it would have taken to heal without the alignments and brain reconnections? This is important work, especially for our developing children, it keeps them growing optimally and gets them back to school to do the things they're supposed to be doing! Thank-you Dr. Merry.