Biomechanical Disorders

Biomechanical Disorders

~ 67 yo male

I came to see Dr. Merry Harris after a referral through a friend and hearing that she specialized in difficult cases. I had been under chiropractic care for 35 years before contacting Dr. Harris and had made great progress in rehabilitating what I learned was a childhood problem that went unrecognized and untreated for most of my life. However, for over a year I had been stuck in a pattern with pain in my left hip, leg and foot which was not getting resolved through my normal chiropractic care and massage therapy. Nothing would seem to alter the pattern for more than a couple of days.

After my first few visits with Dr. Harris there was a very significant shift. She helped me get back on track, break the pattern and helped me learn what I needed to do to maintain myself. I was thrilled last September when I put my body to the full test of hiking into the backcountry fly-fishing with my son. Three miles in and three miles out, clambering over dead-falls, up steep banks, wading in the stream, walking on rocks high in the Colorado Rockies – all the while wearing hip waders! This to me was nothing short of a miracle!

Thank you Dr. Merry!

~ 60 yo male with BACK PAIN and SCIATICA

When I was five years old I broke what I call the back fin off the fifth lumbar. That is the vertebrate that sits above the tail bone. I am sixty now and have experienced sciatic pain down my legs since then. I don’t believe in, or use, pain killers so as you may imagine my wife would often find me on edge or irritable.

I have had concussion three times, and whiplash (hyperextension/hyper contraction) three times and I have torn the muscles in the middle of my back thirty two years ago. Because of these injuries it has made it difficult for me to pay attention and stay focused, especially when I get tired. I have also slouched because my middle back would spasm if I kept proper posture.

I have seen chiropractors all my life and have successfully done back exercises, pelvic tilts, to reduce the sciatic pain in my legs. In between chiropractic visits, I would often have to “self adjust” with a spinal twist to prevent my back muscles from locking up and being in severe pain for three to four days.

I never knew how much my brain could affect my muscles, posture and vertebrae until I went to see Dr. Merry Harris. My wife had been raving on and on about how good and effective Dr. Harris was for her so I was open to giving Dr. Harris a try. She will shine a light in your eyes, look at your palate, tongue, eyelids and face. All of this is showing her how your brain is functioning and what is needed to balance your brain and body. Get ready to feel like a cat because she will probably even pull out her laser pointer and see how well your eyes can track it on the wall. This is all to measure one’s brain health. Then she will examine the rest of the body. It has been just over half a year since I started seeing Dr. Harris, but if I recall correctly the whole exam took about one hour and forty minutes to two hours.

Before I tell you what my life is like now, I wanted to say that there are generally no quick and easy fixes. Dr. Harris is going to give you homework. She has to because we need to slowly build new nerve pathways in our brain and body through repetition. So if you are not willing to or you don’t do your homework don’t expect the same quick recovery as me. I’m not telling you that I am perfect, but I am about 70% to 80% compliant with my homework.

It almost brings tears to my eyes. I am so grateful to Dr. Harris and I told her just that before she asked me to share this with you. I am virtually sciatic pain free, sometimes going for even a week at a time without any sciatic pain and the rest of the time only slight tinges of pain. I love landscaping but it involves a lot of bending over. Usually by the end of the weekend I would be begging my wife to rub my lower back. Now, only a little stiffness and I am not walking all stiff and funny after playing weekend warrior. I can still tweak my lower back by lifting things too heavy but I am not as vulnerable as I used to be in that area. I am enjoying life more, without being on edge and irritable like I was before. I am able to focus and concentrate better and I find my lazy right eye doesn’t wander as much now when I am tired. Very seldom am I having to “self adjust” so that my middle back doesn’t lock up. I can now stand tall, no more slouching, without my middle back threatening to lock up. Thank you Dr. Harris.

Testimonial from a 71 year old female with left shoulder problem.

~ 88 year old male with back pain

I have experienced significant pain in my back for about 65 years.  Over those years I have been to numerous chiropractors and received virtually no relief.  Finally about 35 years ago I consulted a back specialist (surgeon) who told me he could operate, but I had to choose between a permanent standing or sitting position.  I chose to keep the pain. It ranged from "2" on a scale of 1 to 10, to level 10, which meant I could not stand up.

As a result I concluded that neither chiropractors could help me and I gave up on obtaining relief.  About three years ago I met Dr. Merry.  You came across as being extremely knowledgable on the subject of back pain and convinced me that you really believed that you could do something constructive on my behalf.  Though I doubted any relief would result from her efforts, I felt that I had nothing to lose and submitted to your recommendations and treatment.

Wonder of wonders, one morning, after several months of treatments, I awakened to my first pain-free day in decades, followed by fifteen more consecutive pain-free days.  When I suffered serious pain the seventeenth  day, I rejoiced over the 16 wonderful days I'd been blessed with. Miracle of miracles,the next day I was pain free again and have been pain free every day since.  I thank you Dr. Merry and I thank the Lord for giving you the skill and dedication to your profession, allowing me to finish my life in comfort.

Thank you, Dr. Merry for doing for me what no one else has been able to do.  I've been blessed beyond any expectation and pray that many others will seek relief from you on problems they believed incurable, too.

A local doctor flew one of his dear friends, a director of an orphanage in Columbia, to come and see me earlier in 2015. She complained of neck pain, tongue biting on her left side, vertigo since a motor vehicle accident 2 years prior, acid reflux, constipation, and aphonia (not being able to speak for a week or so at times). I only saw her one time. The doctor's feedback is above.

~ 45 year old female with post-accident pain

Dr. Merry has been treating me for several years. As a child I was subject to a lot of car accidents that took a toll on my neck and spine. My pain and crooked body have been lightened by her ongoing care. I’m very happy to have Dr. Merry treating me. She’s tremendously insightful, gentle, creative, and caring in her treatments. She offers helpful homework that I can do on my own, and she explains everything. I highly recommend her.

I came to see Dr. Merry for neck and back pain. Not only did these things resolve after several treatments, but she is like a flipping magician! She should go global!

~ anonymous