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I also treated a woman last week who came in with Raynaud's Syndrome (lack of blood flow to hands and feet) and pre-Parkinson's Disease (essential tremor in both hands). It was her first visit. Although I didn't expect to see a difference right away with the tremor, I asked her if she per chance noticed a difference with it. As she reached out her hand and grabbed an object, I didn't see a tremor. I asked her if she noticed a difference. She said she may have noticed a slight difference. I said, "I don't see a tremor." She said, "There is no tremor!" Amazing. I am not saying that tremors can be cured. However, if a temporary change can be made, oftentimes that change, with time and specific treatment and homework, can become 'plastic'. She also emailed me later that day and said that it was the first time in years that her right hand felt warm.