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Great things have been happening in the world of chiropractic neurology. I have been treating an autistic girl every week. When I shine light into her medial right pupil, it does not constrict. A few weeks ago after treatment, I noticed that both of her pupils were constricted. The change lasted until the following treatment! I spoke with her father this weekend. He said that in the past couple of weeks, when they go for their daily walk, she no longer holds her head down. Not only is she walking with her head up (probably because she's not as sensitive to light), but also her gait is improved. Also, the previous night, she got up and got a glass and filled it with water, drank it, and turned the water off. She had never before done these things. He told me that in the past if she was thirsty in the middle of the night, she would come in their bedroom and proclaim, "I need water." Bravo for the cortex!

Dr. Merry