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When we started treatment with this boy, his mother was very busy and wasn’t always following our homework. Nonetheless, we were seeing neurological changes in the office before & after treatment. I kept encouraging the mother, knowing that it was only a matter of time before she would notice changes in his signs and symptoms—because his pupils started to respond to light in a powerful way, as they should normally do. Most autistic children have pupils that don’t respond to light.

Within a week his mother noticed he wasn’t having as many meltdowns.

The mother said she had been trying to get the boy to trace letters of alphabet for years. Two weeks ago she texted me saying, “after the treatment in your office today, my son came home and went directly to the playroom on his own. This is the first time he has been self-motivated and the first time he’s ever gone to playroom himself. He proceeded to open a book and trace every letter of the alphabet from A to Z.” The tracing has progressed and within a week he was tracing the letters of every month of the year and shapes of animals for long focused periods of time.

Last week the mother came in so excited. She told me that not only was she noticing changes, but everyone around her was noticing changes in her son. She said, “We had a meeting with his aide at his school. Up to this point he has needed a full-time aide with him at all times during the school day. We have meetings every week. This week the aide told me that my son has been doing so well at school; he hasn’t had meltdowns for weeks, is listening to her, is respectful, and is doing his work.” She continued, “my son no longer needed a full-time aide, and as of this week is going to a part-time, half day aide. Also, we are part of an autism support group. Once a month we get together and I play with another little boy who is autistic, while another mother plays with my boy for an hour. When we switched back to our own children at the end of the hour, the mother said to me ‘I forgot that your child was autistic!’ I am so happy we found you!”

Three miraculous things happened last week in lives of patients!

First, I am treating a 14 month old girl who has never been able to crawl or walk. When she sits up, she is unstable and if she moves her head, she immediately falls over. She also has seizures and a genetic mitochondrial disorder. When I first examined her, one finding was that her left pupil was much larger than the right. When shining light into her left medial pupil, there was no response. A pupil is supposed to constrict with light.

After about 3 weeks of treatment, her pupil became the same size as the right side, but it still didn't respond directly to light. Then, last week, after the treatment, her pupil responded to light over and over again! There was a quantum leap in brain function that day!

Later that night, her mother called elated. She said her daughter was sitting up listening to music and bopping her head all around and was stable and wasn't falling over for the first time! Her husband also said that it seemed that his daughter was really paying attention to him in a way she hadn't before. Let's keep going and see if her seizures will be affected!