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I've been treating a young man with dystonia. He, several times a day, has body parts that go into a spastic flexed posture. When I examined this young man, he was not able to smell the scent of peppermint oil in his right nostril!  After several treatments, his dystonia is still the same. BUT, his sense of smell has come back. Although I want the dystonia to resolve, I am so thankful that his brain is working much better than it was. I am going to start people off with smaller goals than total healing. This way we can be thankful every step of the way.

Last night, in Seattle, I met Art Thiel. He is an author and sports journalist. We spoke for 15 minutes about the fear that NFL football players have of getting dementia. Football is hard on the body and the brain. I explained how even if there is much physical damage or damage to the brain itself, you can still stimulate and create new pathways! I told him that sense of smell should be checked in each Seahawk player to determine if they are on the road to dementia. (20 years before people get dementia, they lose their sense of smell). He said he would tell Russell Wilson about me. There are things to do to mitigate damage to the brain and even improve function in most people.