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I treated a chiropractor this week who was having problems with sinking energy and irritability. His exam was one of the most difficult I've done. He had a remarkable brain in many regions, but I found that very specific pathways were weak and that they didn't fit the normal 'pattern' of weakness that I usually see. There were unusual finding, like, he would fly into a rage when attempting to do a Sudoku puzzle. After 2 treatments he reported that he hadn't felt that peaceful in decades. He also said that if he paid me $1000. for the 2 treatments, it would not have been enough. (Don't worry - my fees will never be that high).

I also treated a boy with autism today. Today was his 7th treatment visit. His mother reported that not only is he initiating conversation, which is new, but last night was the first time that he's ever put his PJs on by himself without being asked! Yeah for his right frontal cortex!