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Did you know that when you stick your tongue out, it should look pink, not white? Also, there should be no deep grooves or scalloped edges. Also, if a tongue looks like a map of the world, that is a sign that the body is full of inflammation. Oftentimes, what is going on in the tongue is also going on throughout the digestive tract. Since the gut and the brain are so closely linked communication-wise and health-wise, oftentimes the brain is inflamed when the gut is inflamed. All these things are related. Some of my patients actually tell me that they can feel their brain hurt after eating certain foods. Several of my patients begin care who start with white tongues. All of them improve! When you heal your brain, your gut improves. When you heal your gut, your brain function improves.

I attended a seminar last night.  The talk was focused on the gut/brain axis and decreasing inflammatory processes in the body.  When people react to foods (which many of us do), we are reacting to the proteins in the foods.  Proteins are made up of amino acid sequences.  Many of the sequences of inflammatory foods have similar snippets of amino acid sequences as other foods (leading to cross contamination) AND our own brain tissue (like our cerebella!!!).  Well, our bodies do not react to individual amino acids.  Therefore, if all the proteins are broken down before they get to the small intestine, we won't react to the food at all.  It was suggested that people take digestive enzymes (to digest proteins) when we eat to decrease the probability of reacting to foods, and thus decreasing inflammatory processes in the body.

As many of you know, I used to be highly sensitive to many foods, as well as suffered from much inflammation in my body. I have been very well for the last 4 years or so and have learned a lot in my journey, which I love to share with you.

I recently was bit by a spider on my neck. I woke up with a huge welt and didn't think much of it... UNTIL the red patch grew to take up half of the front of my neck! It was as if the toxins were moving through my neck. I noticed after this that many of my 'food sensitivities' were back in full force. I was also on the verge of a full blown candida infection. What did I do? I increased my dosage of human strain probiotics, Omega 3's and made sure to get treated by a friend who is a chiropractor. I am happy to say that after approximately 3 weeks, the situation has resolved.