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On Tuesday night I attended a lecture by Dr. Norman Doidge, author of The Brain's Way of Healing. He showed some video of a patient who got well from a severe balance disorder. She constantly had the feeling that she was falling. She would often fall and yet still have the feeling that another trap door was opening and that she felt herself continue to fall! She was cured by a device which was put on her tongue and used to 'reprogram' the brain. This is great! When IĀ asked Dr. Doidge if he knew of Dr. Carrick, my mentor and teacher of brain based healing, he said that he knew Dr. Carrick did amazing work. The most amazing thing about Dr. Carrick is that he knows the brain so well, he can determine which pathways to treat the most effectively. I also told Dr. Doidge of my treatments for dementia and multiple sclerosis. First, find out what's wrong, then use specific treatments to treat the pathways of that individual.