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I've treated many children on the autism spectrum (ASD)and children with ADHD who have struggled with their speech. Many parents have told me that the speech therapy did not work well. Many times, a child with ASD or ADHD also has a right palatal weakness. If the part of the brain that controls tongue movement on the right isn't working, the child will not be able to move the tongue in proper ways. Since it's summertime, parents have more time for therapy with their children. I suggested last week that a mother of a 7 year old boy (who is doing marvelously with neurology treatment) bring him to his speech therapy directly after his treatment here. The speech therapist reported that "it was the best therapy session ever! He was like a different child. They even finished all the treatment for the first time with time left over!" When the brainstem works well, the tongue works well too. Then speech therapy will have even better results. Go, brain, go!

I am happy to announce that I recently received my certification specialty in Childhood Developmental Disorders.  This umbrella includes many childhood challenges including, ADHD, autism, OCD, sensory deprivation disorder, violence, anxiety and dyslexia.  If you know anyone who can be helped with these challenges, please refer them to my office.  I will be able to determine if the child has a deficiency in a specific brain area. If so, my area of passion is to create neuroplastic changes in these problem areas.  I also give homework so that the child and parent have more control as well an ability to support and stabilize the treatment in the office.  I believe I am the only person in the state of Washington that has this certification.  Thank you!

I'm treating a teenage boy with a right cortical deficit. His mother said that she wanted him to have appropriate responses to his environment and to 'grow up'. She was having trouble on a particular morning last week. Her son asked her if there was anything he could do to help her. She reported that this had been the first time something like this has happened. She's really happy!

Hello everyone!

I saw 2 ladies this morning, a mother and daughter who both get treated. When they came in they told me that they both, for the first time, were whistling in the car this morning. They had not been able to whistle before this. Well, whistling is a complicated activity. Your facial muscles must work right. Your tongue muscles must work right and the back of your throat must work right. If all these parts aren't working well, you won't be able to whistle. Whistling is something I check on initial examination. Many of my clients (especially ADHD boys) cannot whistle. This is a sign that the brain isn't working right. Oftentimes, people don't tell me of a problem they have, yet after a series of treatments, the problem disappears. Go, brain, go!