I'm treating a woman who lives in Florida.  She is here for a month for treatment and she's worried about her blood pressure.  She reported that her blood pressure that morning was 171/110!  She was right to be worried.  When I checked her blood pressure in the office, it was 143/94 on the right and 122/80 on the left.  The problem was that her blood pressure on the right was 21 points higher than on the left! That is a big difference from side to side. Why?  When someone has a cortical deficit, the cortex on the same side loses it's ability to inhibit the sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight part that raises blood pressure).  This woman has a right cortical deficit.  She doesn't have enough signal coming out of the right side of her brain to shut things down, like the stress response in her brainstem (pontomedullary junction).  After the first treatment, her blood pressure was 126/88 on the right and 120/79 on the left.  Do you know anyone with blood pressure problems?  Tell them about chiropractic neurology and my office in Woodinville, WA.  Thank you.    Dr. Merry

I'm treating a 26 yo girl who had a stroke about a month ago. Fortunately, she recognized the signs when her left arm and leg were tingling and her face went droopy. There is a medication that the ER gives to stroke victims. If you get this medication within 3 hours, the effects of the stroke can be mitigated. She did this and within about 6 hours she was 90% better. She later was released from the hospital. However, when I got to see her for the first time, about 2 weeks after the stroke, she still had a partially droopy face, a very weak palate, and other stroke-like findings. I'm happy to report that her face is 100% even today, after 3 weeks of treatment. Her mother said that her normal voice has returned, due to making neuroplastic changes in her brain stem to raise her palate. Even though she was released, there were still functional problems that were able to be corrected. She still has some problems mis-spelling words, which I'm hopeful will be corrected. If someone you know is struggling, please tell them about my office here in Woodinville, WA. Dr. Merry

I examined a nurse this week. She has vertigo. She told me she had certain maneuvers performed that didn't seem to help. She also reported that she followed the typical medical route. She had taken one drug that gave her esophagitis that caused extreme pain when she swallowed. Then she took another that caused muscle pain. That's when she decided to see me.

She reported good news the next visit and I asked her to tell 3 people about me. She said, "Are you kidding? I was at a barbecue last night and I was telling everybody! People kept asking me why no one isolated her problem before and I told them that no one ever checked things out the way Dr. Merry did." Let us not forget that it is the energy in YOUR body that does the healing!

The strangest thing happened yesterday. I was examining a woman and at the end of the report of her brain findings, I asked her permission to treat her. She said, "No." I asked her why she didn't want her first treatment and she said she didn't want to get well too soon because she was going to be evaluated for disability benefits. I said, "What if you get well enough to go back to work?" She looked at me with a stunned expression. She left without treatment. It was the first time that has ever happened.