Gut-Brain Axis

Well, I've expected this to happen.

Hashimoto's is a disorder of the thyroid gland. It is considered to be an autoimmune disorder. The body gradually destroys its own thyroid gland. It affects energy, weight gain, bowel dysfunction and attitude. I've read several articles that have been linking Hashimoto's to gluten sensitivity. Gluten sensitivity?? Could autoimmune disorders be linked to one of the most inflammatory molecules in our diets (gluten)? Of course. It's just a matter of time before scientists link many autoimmune disorders to inflammatory foods.

However, because of this link, can we undo an autoimmune disease? I think, "Why not?" I've been treating a woman with Disembarkment Syndrome (a specific type of vertigo). She also has had Hashimoto's for years. I've been treating her for approximately 3 months. She had recent blood work done and said her thyroid hormones were now 3 times normal! She bubbled, "My thyroid disorder is in remission!" I'm so thankful. Not only is her vertigo 60% improved, but her autoimmune disease is being corrected. Isn't the body amazing?

When I start treating a patient, I take them off of gluten.  I was hoping that someone soon would have positive changes in their thyroid hormones because of a decrease in inflammation in their body.  I expect this will happen more and more!

A 59 year old woman came in to see me complaining of loss of muscle tone, insomnia, and gut problems (inability to eat most foods), among other things. She said she'd been struggling with these things for 30 years and has seen a plethora of doctors. Several brain areas were found to have deficient signals. Although she has a way to go, she's really happy about the changes in her body and brain so far. After 2 weeks of treatment, she reported that she is not reacting to food as much. Also, she has gained 2 pounds and says her muscles are stronger. A 'brain swelling' sensation that she used to have is going away and she can fall asleep fairly easily now. She also noted when she came in that her eyes often feel like they can't move well and get 'stuck'. Now she says that after treatment her eyes feel normal and fluid. I expect these good changes to last longer and longer and her brain becomes more plastic.

Did you know that when you stick your tongue out, it should look pink, not white? Also, there should be no deep grooves or scalloped edges. Also, if a tongue looks like a map of the world, that is a sign that the body is full of inflammation. Oftentimes, what is going on in the tongue is also going on throughout the digestive tract. Since the gut and the brain are so closely linked communication-wise and health-wise, oftentimes the brain is inflamed when the gut is inflamed. All these things are related. Some of my patients actually tell me that they can feel their brain hurt after eating certain foods. Several of my patients begin care who start with white tongues. All of them improve! When you heal your brain, your gut improves. When you heal your gut, your brain function improves.

I don't know, but it seems to me that people in countries like Italy, France and Germany eat a lot of bread.  I think of the men riding their bicycles on Parisian streets with baguettes in their basket.  I'm also thinking of the marvelous bread in Italy which gets dipped in olive oil and thick vinegar.  What about the Germanic black bread with which you can sop up delicious savory stew?                   It also seems to me that Americans have a lot more problems with irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease and the likes of other gastrointestinal problems.  It seems that there is something particularly wrong with the wheat products in this country.  My friend who has a PhD in cell biology told me today that many farmers in this country use hybridized wheat with which they can have 2 harvests a year instead of one.  This type of wheat also has increased amounts of gluten and gliadin (another highly allergenic protein).               Gluten should be decreased in all of our diets, but the quality of the gluten surely plays a role in our general health.          Dr. Merry