Biomechanical Challenges

I examined a man last week who came to see me because his foot was bothering him. Besides pain, he reported that his toes on his left foot kept curling under and he was at the point where he could not walk without pain or play tennis with his son anymore. I wasn't certain whether or not his foot problem was due to a biomechanical cause or if it was the result of a mini-stroke. After the regular examination, I felt his foot and found that 2 bones in the middle of his foot felt stuck together. I used an instrument to adjust the area and when he stood up he was 50% better. After the 2nd treatment he texted to tell me that his foot was 90% improved and that he had no pain at all while walking! He said he couldn't wait to see me again. It's so nice that patients actually want to come in and walk out happy.    Dr. Merry

I was treating a young lady who said she had pain in her rib area under her scapula for years. She said she's been to many doctors with no alleviation of the pain. I discovered that if I did a certain technique with my forearm (I call it the knife-edge) she said, "You've got the spot!" Also her T7 was/is very rotated to the left. I found that adjusting her T7 while using the 'knife-edge" completely alleviated the pain. Healing takes time and we will continue to do this newly discovered technique!

It's been an interesting week. Last night my youngest son fell of off his Razor scooter. He was jumping a ramp. He fell on his hip, Right hand, Right arm and Right leg. He had abrasions in all these areas. First, we put ice on the affected areas. Later we put him in an epson salt bath to get the rest of the dirt out of the wounds. This morning, when he could walk without too much pain, I adjusted him. First of all, my previously well balanced son was lying on the table crookedly. His legs were way off to the Left. His Right lateral knee needed to be adjusted. His Right sacrum, sacroiliac joint (hip region), and low back all had to be adjusted. Also, I adjusted his Right shoulder and elbow. I also adjusted his ribs (you've got to get that oxygen!) I'll treat him daily until he's back to normal.