Toes curling under

I examined a man last week who came to see me because his foot was bothering him. Besides pain, he reported that his toes on his left foot kept curling under and he was at the point where he could not walk without pain or play tennis with his son anymore. I wasn't certain whether or not his foot problem was due to a biomechanical cause or if it was the result of a mini-stroke. After the regular examination, I felt his foot and found that 2 bones in the middle of his foot felt stuck together. I used an instrument to adjust the area and when he stood up he was 50% better. After the 2nd treatment he texted to tell me that his foot was 90% improved and that he had no pain at all while walking! He said he couldn't wait to see me again. It's so nice that patients actually want to come in and walk out happy.    Dr. Merry