Brain Asymmetry Causing Road Rage?

I'm treating a 45 yo man. On initial examination, his blood pressure was 30 points higher on the right side of his body! This was an alarming finding, and was to be treated first. The right side of the brain controls dilation of vessels on the right side of the body only. The left side controls the dilation of vessels on the left. After treating him, his blood pressure was much better, only 10 points higher on the right. However, when he came in after a few treatments, he said he felt his creativity wane. Also, he said he had experienced road rage. I checked his blood pressure and it had switched! Now it was slightly higher on the left side. It was remarkable that within a few visits, his blood pressure was much more normal. I had to re-examine him to make sure the treatment is as accurate as possible for his brain. His brain changed faster than I thought it could have. No more road rage and creativity is back!