Free Talk: Concussion and Dementia

Join Dr. Merry for a free talk on Concussion and Dementia

Is there a link between concussion and dementia? How many concussions have you had? How many fender benders (even minor ones) have you had? Does the health history of your family make you nervous about the health of your brain?

What is neural plasticity and how can we use it to our advantage?

In our upcoming presentation, Dr. Merry Harris will share:

  • The earliest sign of dementia.
  • How to mitigate the effects of concussion to help you have a healthier brain for life!
  • A 60 second exercise that you can do to calm your brain and make new neural pathways.

When: Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015 from noon - 2pm
Where: Vitamin Life, downtown Redmond (2 doors west of Trader Joe's) [map]