Training Vision

pinhole glassesI personally have been having trouble with my vision on and off since 2007 after a dear uncle died. A week after his funeral, my vision returned to 100%. Several years afterwards I needed a pair of glasses to read up close (farsightedness). I found though, that every time I used the new prescription glasses, I felt my eyes getting weaker and weaker, which meant I had to use them more and more. I tried not to wear them unless absolutely necessary and I felt I didn't want to promote the stiffening of the lenses in my eye. I went to an optometrist who suggested that I have several pairs: one to use in the morning when my eyes were strongest and others to use throughout the day as my eyes were becoming more and more fatigued. I also noticed that the more I worked, the chart notes I wrote, computers I looked at and seminars I attended, my eyes continue(d) to get worse UNTIL I went to Vitamin Life in Redmond. The manager there suggested I use 'pinhole glasses' and when I think about it, I use them.

Please be clear and understand that I do not condone the use of these particular glasses, as I have not used the ones from Amazon myself. I am, however, using the pair I bought at Vitamin Life in Redmond. I recently have noticed that after wearing them, my vision HAS improved and that I don't need my strongest glasses anymore after using them.

I am NOT an optometrist, as this is NOT my area of expertise, I merely want to share information that might help people not lose elasticity of their lenses in their eyes before they have to.

I'll keep you informed of my own progress! Stay clear in your vision!

Dr. Merry