My Son’s Concussion

Christian smilingA unique thing happened to us about 6 weeks ago. My 14 year old son went over the handlebars of his bicycle and had a concussion. I have had the opportunity to treat 3 boys with concussion within the last year. The symptoms of all 3 of these boys resolved completely within 6 weeks of treatment. However, being on the sidewalk with the medics with my own son was quite a frightening experience, and allows me to have more empathy for my clients.

A week before his accident, I examined him in the office. So, I knew exactly what his normal performance was like neurologically. After getting home from the ER, I used an optokinetic tape to watch his eye movements. His normal eye motion was down by 77%! We waited until inflammation was down (about 20 days in his case), and began treatment. I am happy to report that his neurological findings are again what they were before the accident! Thank you all for your support during this time.
Dr. Merry